Constitution of India MCQs

Formation of the Constitution of India MCQs

21. The inspiration, of ‘Liberty, Equality and Fraternity’ was derived, from:

(a) American revolution,

(b) Russian revolution,

(c) French Revolution,

(d) None of these,

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(c) French Revolution

22. The “correct nomenclature” of India according, to the Preamble,:

(a) Sovereign, Secular, Democratic Republic,

 (b) Sovereign, Democratic Republic,

(c) Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic,

(d) Sovereign, Secular, Socialist Democracy,

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(c) Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic

23. There is popular, sovereignty in India because, the Preamble to the,, constitution begins with, the words:

(a) Democratic India,

(b) People’s Democracy,

(C) Sovereignty of People,

(d) We the people of India,

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(d) We the people of India

24. There is a “parliamentary system” of government in India, because:

(a) The LokSabha, is directly elected by the people,

(b) The Parliament, can amend the Constitution,

(e) The Rajya, Sabha cannot be dissolved,

(d) The Council, of Ministers is, responsible in the, LokSabha

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(d) The Council, of Ministers is, responsible in the, LokSabha

25. The “President of the Indian Union” has the same, constitutional authority, as the:

(a) British monarch,

(C) President of Egypt,

(b) President of USA,

(d) President of Former USSR,

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(a) British monarch

26. Which of the, following is not, a characteristic of the, federal state?

(a) Unilateralism,

(b) Division of powers,

(c) Independent Judiciary,

(d) Written Constitution,

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(b) Division of powers

27. The “source of India’s” sovereignty lies, in the:

(a) President,

(b) People of India,

(c) Prime Minister,

(d) Preamble to the Constitution,

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(d) Preamble to the Constitution

28. Which of, the following describes, India as a “Secular State”?

(a) Fundamental Rights,

(b) Directive Principles,

(c) Ninth Schedule,

(d) Preamble to the Constitution E,

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(d) Preamble to the Constitution E

29. In a federation, the source of, power for the unit, states is:

(a) Electorate,

(b) Constitution,

(c) Federal Court,

(d) Federal Legislature,

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(b) Constitution

30. At the time, of enactment of the, Constitution which, one of the following, ideals was included, in the Preamble,?

(a) Equality,

(b) Justice,

(C) Socialist,

(d) Liberty

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(C) Socialist

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