Constitution of India MCQs

44 important Constitution of India MCQs

1. Total number of members, in the Legislative Council, should not be exceed, that of a Legislative ,Assembly, by:

(a) One-third,

(b) Two-third,

(c) One-half,

(d) One-fourth,

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(a) One-third

2. For those Unions, Territories, which have no, Legislative, Councils of their, own, laws is passed by:

(a) Union Ministry,

(c) Parliament,

(b) President,

(d) Appointed Administrator,

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(c) Parliament

3. The Rajya, Sabha, can be dissolved, by:

(a) Lok Sabha,

(c) President,

(b) Constitutional amendment,

(d) None of these,

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(d) None of these

4. The first woman, film star nominated, or elected to the Rajya, Sabha was:

(a) Jayalalitha,

(b) Nargis Dutt,

(c) Vyjayanthimala,

 (d) Hema Malini,

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(b) Nargis Dutt

5. Which of the, following, bills cannot be, introduced first, in the Rajya Sabha?

(a) Money Bills.,

(b) Bill pertaining ,to the removal of the, President by impeachment.

(c) Bill proclaiming, the state of emergency ,arising out of war or external, aggression.

(d) Bills bringing, a state under the, President’s Rule.

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(a) Money Bills

6. Which of the, following best defines, the parliamentary, term ‘Crossing the Floor’?

(a) Leaving the opposition, to join the party in, power or vice-versa by, a parliamentarian.

(b) An attempt, to occupy the, seat of some other, parliamentarian.

(C) Leaving a House, by a minister in between, in order to attend, the other House.

(d) Walk out by, some parliamentarians, in order to boycott, the proceedings of, the House

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(a) Leaving the opposition to join the party in power or vice-versa by a parliamentarian

7. A party having 36, members, will avoid, disqualification, under the provisions, of the Anti Defection, Law if the number, of members, crossing the floor, is at least………:

(a) 18,

(b) 12,

(c) 8,

(d) 9,

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(b) 12

8. “Collective responsibility” of the cabinet, was introduced in, India by the:_________________________

(a) Government of India Act, 1935,

(b) Minto-Morley Reforms,

(c) Constitution of India,

 (d) Independence Act, 1947,

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(c) Constitution of India

9. Which one, of the following, are true?

I. Only some states, in India have Legislative, Councils.

II. Some members, of Legislative Councils, are nominated.

III. Some members, of Legislative Councils, are directly elected,, by the people.

(a) I and II,

(b) I and III,

(c) II and III,

(d) 1, II and III,

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(a) I and II

10. In which of the, following systems, of government, can the government, be removed, through no-confidence motion, passed by the Parliament?

(a) Parliamentary,

(b) Presidential,

(c) Federal,

(d) Unitary,

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(a) Parliamentary

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