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Prophets of Allah MCQs for test and interview preparation

1. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), belongs to family?

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Ans: (Hashmi)

2. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in the beginning worked, as a shepherd for?

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Ans: (Bannu Saad)

3. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), had Sons?

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Ans: (3, Qasim, Abdullah and Ibrahim)

4. Prophet Muhammad (PBHU), had daughters?

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(4, Zainab, Ruqia, Ummi Kalsoom and Fatima)

5. The holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was born in the month, of?

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Ans: (Rabi ul Awal)

6. To what prophet “Zabour” was revealed, by Allah?

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Ans: (Dawood A.S)

7. To what prophet” Injeel” was revealed, by Allah?

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(Essa A.S)

8. To what prophet, Towrat was revealed, by Alah?

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Ans: (Mussa A.S)

9. To what prophet “Quran” was revealed by, Allah?

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Ans: (Muhammad PBUH)

10. Khateeb-ul-Anbia, was the title of?

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Ans: (Shoaib A.S)

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