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Prophets of Allah MCQ questions with answers

1. “Muhammad SAW is the, messenger of Allah” is stated in which. surah?

Ans: (Surah Fath)

2. Wives of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, are the mothers of believers in Quran, Surah?

Ans: (Ahzab)

3. “Muhammad” name has been, mentioned for how many time, in Holy Quran?

Ans: (4 times)

4. Prophet Muhammad PBUH, selected skillful archers to stay on, the mountains in the battle, of Uhud?

Ans: (50)

5. In the battle of Uhud, Prophet Muhammad PBUH selected, 50 skillful archers under the, command of?

Ans: (Abdullah Bin Al Jabar)

6. What was the relationship, between Prophet Mussa A.S and, Prophet Haroon A.S?

Ans: (Brothers)

7. Prophet Muhammad PBUH, recited conquest of, Makah ?

 Ans: (AL-Fathah)

8. Haleema bibi, too care of the prophet, PBUH for years?

Ans: (6 years)

9. Abdul Mutalaib, took care of the prophet, PBUH for years?

Ans: (2 years)

10. Social boycott, of “Banu Hashim” took place on, Nabvi?

Ans: (7t)

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