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20 Important MCQs on Prophets of Allah

1. ________________ Ghazwahs are described, in the Holy Quran?

(12 Ghazwahs)

2. ____________________Prophets, are mentioned in the, Holy Quran?

(26 Prophets)

3. ___________________ Surahs start, with the name of Prophets in the, Holy Quran?

(6 Surahs)

4.  Nation of Noah A.S, worship _______________________________ idols?

(5 idols)

5. brahim A.S Remained, in fire ______________________ days?

(40 days)

6. Hazrat ________________________ was, the first who learn to, write?

(Idress A.s)

7. Hazrat Mussa A.S was, granted _________________________ Miracles?

(9 miracles)

8. Hazrat _______________________ was famous for his, patience?

(Ayub A.S)

“Baitil Laham” is the birth place of, Prophet?

(Essa A.S)

9. Prophet _________________________ has the title of “Najeeb ullah”2

(Dawood A.S)

9.5. The Nation of Hood, destroyed after ____________ day continuous rain, and storm?

(7 days)

10. Yousaf A.S and his, father Yaqoob A.S met each other_________________after, years?

(40 years)

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