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1. who was the founder of the “”All India Muslim League””?

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(Sir Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan)

2. what was the, first country, recognized, Pakistan after “independence” was ?

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3. who was the ,longest serving, “”Chief Justice”” of Pakistan?

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(Justice A.R. Cornelius)

4. first “”Dry Port”” in Pakistan, was established, in 1974 ,at?

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5. Oldest “news agency” in Pakistan is: ?

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(Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)

6. Father of “”Shah Abdul Aziz””?

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(Shah Waliullah)

7. Total area, of “”Islamabad””?

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906 Sq.Km

8. “”Holy Quran”” was translated into Persian by?

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Shah Waliullah.

9. “”Holy Quran”” translated into, Urdu by?

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Shah Abul Qadir.

10. founder, of the Aligarh, Movement, was?

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Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

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