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1. “Largest dam” and “Hydel power” station of, Pakistan.

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Tarbela dam built in 1976,

2. Which date, the first session, of “National Assembly” was held?

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11 August, 1947,

3. length of “coastal line” of Pakistan?

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1046 Km,

4. Islam ,was declared “state religion” of, Pakistan?

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In 1973,

5. “shortest river” of Pakistan?

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6. The “”constitution of Pakistan”” can be, amended?

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With Two-Third, majority in Parliament,

7. Who, was ,the first “”Muslim Governor”” of, Sindh?

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Ghulam Hussain Hadaiyatullah,

8. Who, was the, first “Muslim C-N-C” of Pak, Army?

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Gen Muhammad Ayub,

9. Which one, constitution, of Pakistan state, that “”President and Prime Minister must be Muslims””?

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1973 Constitution,

10. Who, was the “”first Governor”” of, KPK?

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M. Khursheed

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