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Prophets of Allah MCQ questions with answers

1. Jahad- e- Akbar” is called by Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH?

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(Against the visible enemy)

2. what was the age of Hazrat Yousaf A.S, when his brothers thrown into the well?

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(15 years)

3. Hazrat Yousaf A.S remained in the jail of Egypt?

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(5 years)

4. Which prophet was the maternal grandfather of Hazrat  Ayun A.S?

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(Hazrat Loot A.S)

5. Elder brother of Prophet Moosa A.S was?

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(Haroon A.S)

6. How many languages were understood by Hazrat Idress A.S?

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Ans: (722)

7. Which prophet invented soap?

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(Hazrat Saleh A.S)

8. The profession of Prophet Hazrat Zikrayia was?

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9. Which prophet was eaten by fish?

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(Hazrat Younus A.S)

10. Which is the birth place of prophet hazrat Essa A.S which is situated in Jerusalem?

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(Baitul Laham)

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