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General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. People’s Great Hural is the legislative assembly of:

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2. The International, Criminal Police Organization, referred to as, Interpol, was established, in

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3. Interpol’s existing, headquarters are, located in:

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Lyon (France).

4. Scotland Yard, is the “investigation police” of, England and, it was, formed on:

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Sept. 29, 1829.

5. Gestapo, was the secret, police organization,; and BND is ;the secret; agency, of:

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6. Mossad; and Aman; is the “secret agencies” of:

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7. Khad; and NDS; are the “secret agencies” of:

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8. RAW; and CBI; are the “secret agencies” of:

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9. KGB; is the “secret agency” of:

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10. BIN; is the “secret agency”, of:

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