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About Pakistan Important General Knowledge MCQs

1. Pakistan joined the, Baghdad Compact / Organization of the Central, Treaty in 1955 with?

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Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

2. What about, Pakistan’s longest ,glaciers?

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3. “Warsak Dam” was erected on the, Kabul River in:

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4. What province, in Afghanistan is bordered, by Pakistan?

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5. How long, is the Pakistani-Afghan, border?

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2252 Km.,

6. The total length, of the checkline in, Kashmir is around?

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720 Km. (Through Simla agreement 1972),

7. Has the Nuclear, Energy Board of Pakistan, been set up?

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8. The Karachi, nuclear power plant was, created in 1972 with help, from:

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9. The Chashma nuclear, power plant was put in, place with the help of:

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10. Which Prime Minister, of Pakistan was the most, succinct?

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Gen. Ayub Khan.

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