C Language MCQS

Most repeated C Language (Multiple Choice Questions) with answers

21. If an ‘’integer’’ occupies, 4 bytes and, a character occupies, 1 byte of, memory, each element, of the following, structure would, occupy how, many bytes?

A) 12

B) 34

C) 23

D) 32

22. The “expression x=4+2 %-8” evaluates, to:__________________

A) 6

B) 2

C) -6

D) None of them

23. A ‘’structure’’ brings, together a, group: _____________

A) Integers, with user, defined, names

B) Floating, points with, user defined, names

C) Items, of the same ,data type

D) related, data items, and, variable

24. “C language” is available, for which, of the following, “operating systems”?

A) Windows

B) Unix


D) Above all

25. Which, of the, following, are tokens, in ‘’C’’?

A) Variables

B) Constraints

C) Keywords

D) Above all

26. “C” was, developed in, the year:____________________?

A) Between 1965 to 1969

B) Between 1973 to 1979

C) Between 1969 to 1973

D) Between 1970 to 1974

27. Which “escape character” can be used, to beep, from speaker, in “C”?

A) h

B) s

C) a

D) g

28. Which, of the following, is a “keyword” is used, for storage, class?

A) auto

B) scanf

C) printf

D) external

29. “Continue statement” is, used:

A) Exit and return to the main function

B) Restarts iteration from beginning of loop

C) To go to the next iteration in a loop

D) Come out of a loop

30. “File manipulation functions” in C are, available in, which header, file?

A) stdlib.h

B) files.h

C) streams.h

D) stdio.h

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