C Language MCQS

30 very important C Language MCQs for test preparation

1. A “compiler”: _________________

A) Is a part of software?

B) Editor

C) Is a computer program

D) Translates a high level language into machine language

see answer

D) Translates a high level language into machine language

2. “Explicit type conversion” is known, as: _______________________

A) Type casting

B) Underwear

C) Casting

D) Function

see answer

C) Casting

3. A “function” popularly, used C input, function:

A) getch

B) Char

C) scanf

D) printf

4. “C” is often, called:______________

A) Assembly language

B) Machine level language

C) Object oriented language

D) High level language

5. Each “C” preprocessor, directive begins, with:__________________

A) #

C) main(0

B) include

D) $

6. “C” allows arrays, of greater than, two dimensions, who will, determine, this?

A) Programmer

B) Parameter

C) Compiler

D) None

7. The “<<” operator, is used, for:__________________

A) Right shifting

B) Bitwise shifting

C) Left shifting

D) Bitwise

8. Set of, values of the, same type, which have, a single name followed, by an index, is called:___________

A) Structure

B) Union

C) Function

D) Array

9. Which, of the following, header file, is required for, strcpy(), function?

A) String.h

B) file.h

C) Strings.h

D) Strpy()

10. scanf(), can be, used for, reading:_____________

A) Double character

B) Single character

C) Multiple characters

D) No character

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