C Language MCQS

Most repeated C Language (Multiple Choice Questions) with answers

1. The “programming C” was created at: ______________________

A) Stanford Lab

8) Haward University

C) AT&T Bell Laboratory

D) L&T Laboratory

see answer

C) AT&T Bell Laboratory

2. int[]={5,6,7,8,9), What is the, value of, a[3]?

A) 9

B) 23

C) 8

D) 7

3. “C” can be used, on: __________________________

A) Only MS-Dos operating System

B) Only Linux operating system

C) Only Windows operating system

D) Above all are true

4. Float a[15], what is the size of array?

A) 16

B) 15

C) 8

D) 6

5. C programs may, converted into, machine language, with the help ,of: ______________

A) A translator

B) A complier


D) None of the above

6. “Array” is: ________________________

A) Primary data type

B) Pointer data type

C) Homogenous data type

D) None of the above

7. Which, of the following, is allowed, in a ,C Arithmetic, Instruction?

A) { }

B) ()

C) [ ]

D) None of them.

8. To accept “100 different values” into the, array we, require: ____________________

A) Loop

B) If condition

C) Function

D) Structure

9. If a is, an integer ,variable, a=7/3; will return, a value: ___________________

A) 4

B) 2

C) 0.5

D) 0

10. A ‘pointer’ holds: _______________________

A) Value and address of variable

B) Always null

C) Value of variable

D) Address of variable

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