C Language MCQS

Most repeated C Language (Multiple Choice Questions) with answers

11. “C” was, primarily, developed, as: _________________

A) General purpose language

B) Data processing language

C) System programming language

D) None of the above.

12. Many features, of “C” were derived, from an earlier, language, called: __________________

A) B Language




13. Name, the loop, that executes, at least, once named: _______________.

A) do-while

B) while

C) For

D) If

14. Hierarchy, decides which, operator:

A) is fastest

B) Operates on largest numbers

C) is most important

D) is used first

15. A “pointer” can, hold: ________________________

A) Number of addresses at a time

B) No address

C) Single address at a time

D) Two addresses at a time

16. An “integer constant” in C, must have: ____________________

A) A comma along with digits

B) Digits separated by commas

C) At least one digit

D) At least one decimal point

17. main() {

Int a=3, b=2, c*d*e;

d=&a; e=&b;

c= *d+ “e;

Which one of the given answers is correct?

A) a=3, c=6

B) a-3, c=8

C) a=4, c-6

D) a-3, c=5

18. In “C” a variable, cannot contain: ________________

A) Decimal Point

B) Hyphen

C) Blank Spaces

D) All of the above

19. Assume that variable x resides at memory location 1234, y at 1111 and p at 2222.

Int x=1, y=2, “p;

p-&x; y=*P;

What will be the value c of y after execution of above code?

A) 1234

B) 1111

C) 2

D) 1

20. Which, of the, following is ‘’FALSE’’.

A) Variable names do not contain a blank space

B) Capital letters can be used in variables

C) Keywords can be used as variable names

D) Variable names can contain a digit

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