Khalfa-e-Rashideen and Ghazwat MCQS

Most Important Khalfa-e-Rashideen and Ghazawaat MCQs

1. “Jiza” is a?

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 (Poll Tex)

2. Literal, Meaning of “Jihad”?

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3. Ansar, means?

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4. The Nine Years, of hajri is Known, in Muslim history, as the?

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(Year of deputation)

5. Hazrat Usman, was assassinated, in the month, of____________________.

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6. Hazrat Khalid, bin Walid belonged, to the tribe of?

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7. “Kharaj” is?

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(Land tax)

8. The, tomb of “Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari” is situated, in _____________________

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9. Hazrat Ali, was, martyred in, the year?

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(661 A.D)

10. “AI Muwatta” was written, by?

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(Imam Malik)

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