Khalfa-e-Rashideen and Ghazwat MCQS

20 Important MCQs on Khalfa-e-Rashideen and Ghazwaat

1. Hazrat Hamza (RA) ,embraces, Islam, in?

(5th Nabvi)

2. 10th Nabvi is called: _____________________________.

(Year of Sorrow)

3. “Imam-e-Dar-ul Hajrat” was, the title of?

(Imman Malik)

4. “”Ashaab-e- Sufah” were?

(Muhajirs which were living near masjid Nabvi)

5. The first written, constitution of the world is?


6. “Umm-ul-momineen”” is?

(The holy wives of the holy prophet (PBUH)

7. “Umm-ul-Maskeen” was the title of the: _______________?

(Hazrat Zainab)

8.” The lion of Allah” tile awarded to: ______________?

(Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib (R.A)

9. The title “the sold of Allah” awarded to: ______________?

(Khalid bin Walid (R.H)

10. What was, the name, of Imam, Bukhari?

(Muhammad Bin Ismail)

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