Khalfa-e-Rashideen and Ghazwat MCQS

Khalfa-e-Rashideen and Ghazawaat MCQs for test and interview

1. Kitab-UI-Aathar” was ,compiled ,by’?

(Imam Abu Haneefa R.A)

2. Yarmuk bottle. was fought between Muslims ,and?


3. “”Baith Mamoor”” is on?

(7h Heaven)

4. “”Ghazwa Khyber”” was, fought, between?

(Muslim and Jews)

5. Baytal-Hik, mat” was a?

(Translation bureau)

6. Sahihain” is ,called?

(Bukhari Sharif and Muslim sharif)

7. The 1st ,source of Islamic ,Figha is?


8. The Second, Source of Islamic, Fiqha is?


9. The third ,Source of Islamic ,Figha is?


10. The fourth, source of Islamic, Figha is?


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