ASDEOs / ADEOs Preparation MCQsHistory of Pakistan (1947 to 2022)

41 important history of Pakistan MCQs

1. Which post General Mushrraf, secured after taking over, the power named ________________?

a. Chief Exective

b. President

c. Prime Minister

d. Chief Minister

2. when Nawaz Sharif, was exiled to Saudi Arabia, by General Pervez, Musharraf?

a. January 2002

b. December 2008

c. December 2000

d. July 2003

3. which event taken, place between Pakistan, and India in Musharraf, time?

a. Simon commission

b. trains issue

c. Agra summit

d. none of the above

4. In Nawaz Sharif, second tenure, when Pakistan became a, Nuclear Power?

a. 2nd May 1999

b. 15th may 1999

c. 23rd may 1998

d. 28th may 1998

5. What was the length, of second tenure of Benazir, Government?

a. 1993-1996

b. 1993-1994

c. 1994-1996

d. None of the above

6. When “Mrs. Benazir Bhutto” became, the “Prime Minister” for the, second, term?

a. January 1994

b. February 1993

c. October 1993

d. None of the above

7. When was “Pakistan Bait Ul Maal” came into, being?

a. 1992

b. 1993

c. 1991

d. 1994

8. Who had become, the “prime minister” of Pakistan, after the elections, of 1990?

a. Laiqat Ali Khan

b. Mr. Nawaz Sharif

c. Nawaz Ud Din

d. None of the above

9. When Benazir, government, was terminated, by G.I Khan on various, custodies?

a. July 8th 1991,

b. August 15th 1990,

c. August 6th 1990,

d. None ,

10. Who had, become the “prime minister” after the, elections of, 1988?

a. Mian Muhammad Rasheed,

b. Syed Ashfaq Ahmad,

c. Muhammad Nawaz,

d. Benazir Bhutto,

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