General Science MCQs

71 Important MCQs of General Science

1. The instruments, which help us, to see those things, that we cannot, see with,naked eyes?

(a) Microscope,

(c) Computer,

(b) Macroscopic,

(d) None,

2. “Microscope” may, be?

(a) Simple,

(b) Compound,

(c) Both A&B,

 (d) None,

3. A cell is the, Unit of living, Organisms?


(c) Unstructured,

(b) Functional,

(d) Both A& B,

4. Centriole, is present, in?

(a) Human cell,

(b) Bird cell,

(c) Animal cell,

(d) None,

5. “Cell membrane” is the, covering?

(a) Inner,

(b) Inner & Outer,

(c) Outer,

(d) None,

6. “Euglena” is an, organism?

(a) Unicellular,

(b) Tri cellular,

(c) Bi cellular,

(d) none,

7. Plant prepare, food in their ______________________________ called?


(b) Stems,

(c) Leaves,

(d) None,

8. Animal cells, don’t, have: ______________________?

(a)Cell wall,

(b) Nucleus,

(c) Cytoplasm,

(d) None,

9. “Cytoplasm” is a: ___________________?


(b) Viscous,

(c) Both A & B,

(d) None,

10. “Nucleus”, controls ____________________?

(a) Cell activities,

(b) Production of energy,

(c) Movement,

d) Production of energy,

(e) None of these

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