General Science MCQs

Most Important General Science MCQs

1. Bones help to “protect” our, vital, organs?

(a) Heart ,

(b) liver,

(c) Lungs,

(d) all,

2. The food, we chew passes, down into a sac, like structure, called ___________________________?

(a) brain,

(b) Stomach,

(c) Heart ,

(d) lungs,

3. Brain, Contorls, function ___________________?

(a) Movement,

(b) Thirst& Emotion,

(c) Sleep and hanger,

(d) all,

4. Which “body part” pumps, blood to all, parts of, the body?

(a) heart,

(b) Stomach,

(c) Brain ,

(d) lungs,

5. Lungs, are imported, because, they _______________________?

(a) Contract and expand,

(c) Release carbon dioxide,

(b) absorb oxygen,

(d) Both A &B,

6. Which “organ” is the, control centre, of the, body called ___________________?

(a) Stomach ,

(b) heart ,

(c) Skin,

(d) Brain,

7. Plants, absorb: _______________________?

(a) Carbon dioxide,

(b) Nitrogen,

(c) Oxygen,

(d) both B&C,

8. Plants, prepare their, food in, the, presence of _____________________?

(a) Water ,


(c) earth,

(d) both A&B,

9. “Human beings” and “animals” move ,from, one place, to another, this is called _________________?

(a) Movement,

(c) Locomotion,

(b) Reproduction,

(d) Variation,

10. “”Larva”” is transferred, into ________________________?

(a) Eggs ,

(b) baby,

(d) Adult,

(c) pupa,

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