General Science MCQs

General Science MCQs from past papers

1. Sound is, always “produced” by?

(a) Solids ,

(b) gases ,

(c)vibrating body ,

(d) liquids,

2. Sound, can “travel” through?

(a) Solids ,

(b) liquids,

(c) gases,

(d) all,

3. “Noise pollution” causes, damage?

(a) Ears,

(b) Brain,

(c) Both A and B,

(d) All,

4. “Noisy environment” is due, to?

(a) Slow wind,

(b) Music,

(c) unpleasant sound,

(d) pleasant sound,

5. The flow of “electricity” through metal, wires is, called?

(a) Current,

(b) Insulators,

(c) None,

(d) Conductor,

6. The “materials through, which electricity can pass” are, called __________________________________?

(a) Current,

(b) Insulators,

(c) Conductors,

(d) none

7. The material, which “electricity cannot pass” is called: ___________________________?

(a) Current,

(b) Insulators,

(c) conductor,

(d) none ,

8. The path in, which the “current flows” is called?

(a) Circuit ,

(b) current,

(c) insulator,

(d) conductor,

9. When the “wire is connected” and the blub, is lit, this is, called: _______________________?

(a) Circuit,

(b) Open circuit,

(c) Closed circuit,

(d) Conductors,

10. When the “wire is disconnected” and the bulb, is off. This is, called________________?

(a) closed circuit,

(b) Circuit,

(c) Open circuit,

(d) Conductors,

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