Fundamental of Islam MCQS

Important Fundamentals of Islam & Quran MCQs

1. The total numbers ,of fundamentals ,of Islam are?


2. The name, of Islam, is?

(kalma tayyaba)

3. The name, of second, Kalma is?

(Kalma Tamjeed)

4. The name, of “4” kalma is?

(kalma tauheed)

5. The name, of “5” Kalma, is?

(Kalma Astghfaar)

6. The name of “6” Kalma is?

(kalma Rad-e- kufar)

7. Allah, means?

(Only being worth worship)

8. Tauheed, means?

(Oneness of Allah)

9. Which is the, first belief, of Isam?

(The unity of Allah)

10. Which is, the Second belief, of Islam?

(Prophet Hood)

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