Fundamental of Islam MCQS

31 Important MCQs on Fundamentals of Islam & Quran

1. The longest, surah in the holy, Quran?

(Surah AlI Baqarah)

2. The shortest, Surah in the holy Quran, is?


3. In the holy Quran, a holy Quran total number, of prophets is, mentioned as?

(25 Prophets)

4. The total, number of Rakus, in the holy Quran is?

(558 Rakus)

5. The total, number of verses, in the holy, Quran are?

(6666 Verses)

6. The total of minimum, verses in a surah, in the holy, Quran is?


7. Which surah, is considered the heart, of the holy Quran?

(Surah Yaseen)

8. Which, the word is used, repeatedly in the holy Quran?


9. Which type, of the word, is used, minimum in the Holy Quran?


10. Which surah, has twice “Bismillah in, the holy, Quran’?


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