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4 Small Business Ideas starting from Low Investment

Small businesses are always proved profitable. After reading this article you will be able to start a small business from a very low investment. Which will help you earn a decent amount. In these businesses are started from low investment and can earn a handsome amount if you are dedicated and committed.

1. Buying and Selling Electronic Appliances Online:

Electronic appliances e.g. Mobiles, Laptops, DSLR Cameras, Lenses, LEDs, and Torches are easily available at whole sale in market. Try to find out the main warehouse of above items. Talk to him and deal with him about your strategy. Purchase a single piece from him on trail basis and upload the same on different E-commerce market places like Facebook Marketplace, OLX, Daraz, Ali Express, Ebay etc. You can create a free account of above mentioned platforms. Start your selling but try to be patient and wait because businesses take time to start. After a very short time you will get a positive results.

2. Medicines / Surgical Equipment’s Selling on whole sale:

Medical marketing field is a versatile areas where you can land your efforts for a very positive outcomes. For selling medicine on whole sale to pharmacies research those medicine which are not available to pharmacies. Try to find at least a couple of products not available in local market. Visit main supply for those medicines and buy a few items. Talk to them they will give you good percentage. bring those into the specific market. Where these medicines are not available. Start selling from low profit and confirm your profits.

3. Mineral Water Supply to Homes:

In most areas people refuse to drink home owned water due to some bacteria etc. They prefer to drink clean water purchased from water purification plant. Search a purification plant and buy a few small drums. Start selling those drums into homes, shops, hospitals, and offices. In one week you will get permanent customers. Then proceed to buy more as per your selling demand.

4. Soap Making Factory:

Soap making machine is cheap and one can accommodate the machine in small area. Ingredients used in soap are not costly. Buy a soap making machine from industries available in different industrial zones. Start your own product. Concentrate on quality for boost selling. After making your own product start marketing from village areas and then switch to cities.

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