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Amazing Diet Plan for Weight Loss

In this modern world everyone want to look beautiful and charming. In order to look attractive proper weight according to your height is mandatory. Weight loss is not a big deal in this modern world. In this blog I will discuss tremendous tips for weight Lessing which were tested.

Before going to discuss the most efficient technique. I want to share a few things which is very important before taking diet as per Dr. Mohit Bhandari

  1. Weight Loss is not a one day plan. Your body starts transformation when you become consistent in repeating the following plan on daily basis.
  2. Your body start transformation after 15 days. You will feel difference in one month.
  3. Don’t be panic, no need to become very strict in your diet.
  4. Weight Loss is very easy if you become consistent. Consistency is mandatory for transformation.
  5. You have to change your routine of sleeping, eating, and drinking.


Sleep enough for about 9 hours in order to take care of your metabolism system. Try to sleep on time. Best and recommended time for sleeping is from 09:00 PM to 6:00 AM. This will help you resting your muscles and mind in order to look fresh and able to work constructive.


Divide your meal into sub parts. No need to eat whole meal at one time. try to divide your meals so that you may eat some quality food after every 3 hours. reduce sweets and fats in your regular meals.

Recommended Food for body transformation:

  • Boiled Eggs
  • Apples
  • Fish
  • Green Vegetables
  • Black Seed
  • Chia Seeds

Usage of Water:

Try to take 12 to 14 glass of fresh water before each meal. Water is the universal solvent and can help you lose your weight fast. It is recommended to use warm water for drinking. It is also recommended to use a couple of lemons in your water for drinking.


Smart exercise is outstanding for body transformation in addition to above mentioned diet plan. Smart exercise means to get up early in the morning and start jogging, walking, running, etc. Dips are also very efficient in weight loss and tighten the muscles and makes you fit and look beautiful.

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