Programming MCQs

Visual Basic MCQs / VB .Net MCQs for Test and interview

1. The object oriented primary languages of Microsoft also includes:

a. Visual Basic

b. Ada

c. Basic

d. Java

2. The programming language that is simply used to simplify development of Microsoft Windows applications is / are:

a. Fortran

b. Cobol

c. Visual Basic

d. None

3. Visual Basic was launched in ____________

a. 1960s

b. 1950s

c. 1990s

d. None

4. What was the original year of development of Visual Basic?

a. 1970

b. 1972

c. 1973

d. None

5. What does visual basic utilizes to generate vigorous and dynamic applications?

a. CLI

b. GUI

c. PHP

d. Cobol

6. Following are some of the versions of VB except the one.

a. Brackets

b. Visual Basic 3.0

c. Visual Basic 4.0

d. None

7. The MS launched VB .Net in the year as successor to their genuine VB .Net language.

a. 2002

b. 2004

c. 2005

d. None

8. VB. Net is a Multi paradigm, object oriented programming language.

a. True

b. False

c. None

9. The following loop structure is not supported by VB .Net.

a. Do Loop

b. Do While

c. For

d. None

10. _________________ allows custom items of information about a program elements to be stored with an assembly metadata.

a. COM

b. Dot COM

c. C Dot COM

d. None

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