Sports and Physical Education MCQs

Sports and Physical Education MCQs for test and interview preparation

1. What sport is Canada’s national sport? 

a. Lacrosse/Ice hockey  

b. Cricket  

c. Field hockey  

d. Volleyball  


ANSWER: a. Lacrosse / Ice hockey  

2. Which nation’s national sport is archery? 

a. Afghanistan  

b. Bhutan  

c. Japan  

d. India  


ANSWER: b. Bhutan  

3. ___________’s national sport is cricket. 

a. India  

b. Jamaica  

c. Australia

d. United States  


c. Australia


4. Turkey’s national sport is . 

a. Wrestling  

b. Rugby union  

c. Golf  

d. Basketball 


a. Wrestling  

5. What time did the Commonwealth match begin? 

a. 1930  

b. 1934  

c. 1938  

d. 1950  


ANSWER: a. 1930  

6. Which nation hosted the Asian Games in 1998? 

a. Thailand  

b. Philippines  

c. South Korea  

d. China  


ANSWER: a. Thailand  

7. In which city did the Asian Games take place in 2006? 

a. Doha  

b. Bangkok  

c. New Delhi  

d. Tokyo  


ANSWER: a. Doha 

8. Which nation hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games? 

a. India  

b. Canada  

c. Malaysia  

d. Australia  


ANSWER: a. India  

9. In which city were the 1966 Commonwealth Games held? 

a. Kingston  

b. Perth  

c. Melbourne  

d. Kuala Lumpur  


ANSWER: a. Kingston  

10. ___________ has won the World Cup of Cricket the most times. 

a. Australia  

b. India  

c. West Indies  

d. Sri Lanka  


ANSWER: a. Australia 

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