Microsoft Excel MCQs for test and Interview

301. “MS-EXCEL” can be used to, automate

a. Financial statements, Business forecasting,

b. Transaction registers, inventory control

c. Accounts receivable, accounts payable,

d. Any of the above

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d. Any of the above

302. NOT, AND, OR and XOR are

a. Logical Operators,

b. Arithmetic operators,

c. Relational operators,

d. None of the above,

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a. Logical Operators,

303. In a report, you need to show the monthly, rainfall in Nepa The best way to do, this is to insert a

a. calendar,

b. photograph of rainfall,

c. chart showing rainfall ,amounts

d. database of rainfall,

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c. chart showing rainfall ,amounts

304. You want to record, experiment information and, create a chart that shows, the rate of crystal growth ,over a period of time the, best application to, use would be:

a. word processing,

b. spreadsheet,

C. database,

d. graphics,

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b. spreadsheet

305. You are editing, a worksheet that you had, previously save lf you want, to save the edited sheet without, losing the original one, which command should, you use?

a. New,

b. Save As,

c. Edit,

d. Save,

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b. Save As

306. If you want to have, a blank line after the title ,in a worksheet, what is the best thing for, you to do?

a. Re-format the, spreadsheet

b. Insert a row,

c. Increase the column, width

d. Use the spacebar,

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b. Insert a row

307. In order to arrange, the countries from those with, the highest population, to those with the lowest, you need to sort on the, population field:

a. ascending order,

b. descending order,

C. alphabetical order,

d. random order,

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b. descending order

308. In order to perform, a calculation in a spreadsheet, you need to use a:

a. table,

b. formula,

c. field,

d. variable,

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b. formula

309. The box on the, chart that contains, the name of each individual, record is called the:

a. cell,

b. title,

C. axis,

d. legend,

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d. legend

310. If you want all, of the white cats grouped ,together in the database, you need to, sort by

a. Color, then Gender,

b. Pet Type, then Color,

C. Pet Type, then Gender,

d. Color, then Pet, Name

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b. Pet Type, then Color

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