Horticulture MCQs

Horticulture MCQs for preparation

1. controlled inhibition, of seed is termed as___________________

a         Priming,

b         Soaking,

c         Chilling,

d         None,

2.  “Celery and lettuce” at high temperature, become: ____________________

a         Photo dormant,

b         Thermo dormant,

c         Ecodormant,

d         Non dormant,

3.  Excessive soil moisture, late in the season causes: _______________

a         Decrease in, TSS decrease in dry matter,

b         Increase in, TSS decrease in dry matter,

c         Decrease in TSS, increase in dry matter,

d         None,

4.  Most of following, category crops are shallow, rooted:

a         Summer,

b         Winter,

c         Off season,

d         All ,

5.  Deep rooted, vegetables require:________________

a         Less frequent irrigation,

b         More water at each irrigation,

c         Both a & b,

d         None,

6.  Fruit of following, vegetables is edible:

a         Summer,

b         Winter,

c         Cruciferous,

d         All ,

7.  Mulches are, mainly used to reduce: ___________________

a         Transpiration,

b         Evaporation,

c         Evapotranspiration,

d         All,

8.  What type of, mulches reduce soil, temperature?

a         Organic mulch,

b         Gray polythene,

c         Black polythene,

d         Transparent polythene,

9.  For hybrid seed, production _______ flowers are, completely suppressed, on female plants.

a         Staminate,

b         Pistillate,

c         Staminode,

d         Alternate,

10.  Recommended cucumber, cultivars under tunnel, production technology, are:

a         Monoecious,

b         Gynoecious,

c         Andromonoecious,

d         Gynomonoecious,

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