Constitution of United Kingdom (UK) MCQS

Constitution of United Kingdom MCQs for preparation

1. “Parliament’ is supreme and, sovereign in England. It can:

(a) Amend law,

(c) Make law,

(d) Repeal, and abrogate any law,

(b) All ,

2. “British parliament” consists of two, chambers called, _______________

(a) House of, Commons and House, of Lords

(b) House of Commons, and House of Representatives,

(c) House of, Representatives and Senate,

(d) None,

3. “British/English constitution” has unitary character, all powers of government, are vested in

British parliament, which is: ____________________

(a) Sovereign body,

 b) Dependant body,

(c) Both (a) and (b),

(d) None ,

4. Every individual, regardless of color, creed, and gender up to the age, of 18, has right to vote, given in: ………………………….

a) Representation of, People’s Act, 1832,

(b) Representation, of People’s Act, 1928,

(c) Both a and b,

d) None,

5………….is the “supreme authority” in all matters concerning, the state.

(a) British Prime Minister,

(b) Privy Council,

 (c) House of Lords,

(d) British Parliament,

6. All ministers, of British cabinet are, collectively responsible, to the:

(a) Parliament,

(b) House of Lords,

(c) None of these,

(d) King/Queen,

7. The “sovereignty of parliament” means that no court, in Great Britain can declare, any law or act of parliament:

(a) Invalid and, unconstitutional,

(b’) Valid and constitutional

(c) Both (a) and (b),

(d) None,

8. “Lord Chancellor” is the presiding, officer:

(a) Of the, House of Commons,

(b) Of the Financial, Committee of Parliament,

(c) Of the, House of Lords,

(d) Of the, Privy Council,

10. Which is, mother of all, parliaments in the, world?

(a) American Congress,

(b) English Parliament,

(c) Swiss Parliament,

(d) Indian Parliament,

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