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4 Easy Government Jobs in Pakistan

Easy government Job is everyone’s dream. In this blog I will discuss Pakistan easiest government jobs. On selection everyone will enjoy working on these jobs. Some jobs are difficult in terms of work load. That’s why mostly aspirants do not prefer to join these positions. Before proceeding towards discussion in addition, it is equally important to start consistent efforts for getting government. In start shortlisting sometimes take time, but finally things will slowly divert in your favour. I will also share the required education for getting these simple and easy jobs. Its selection is also easy and one can get by working lil efforts for selection.

Nomenclature and Designation of Easy Government Jobs.

The following jobs are considered easy and relax in terms of duty and workload for those aspirants who want to work on.

1. Protocol Officer BPS-17

Protocol officer is a person who works in the national and provincial assemblies of Pakistan. Their duty is only to receive new elected members of parliament. After that they have no such regular duty. In addition their senior can assign any task to him for execution.

Protocol Officers are selected through the following government testing agencies.

2. Private Secretary BPS-17 / Assistant Private Secretary BPS-16

Private Secretary is an officer, whos responsibility is to look after the meetings, visits, travels of a Bureaucrat and Ministers. The officer is also responsible to visit with Bureaucrat and Minister each and every where in his/her official matters. Very strong shorthand writing command and speed is required for this position. They are recommended and selected through following public and private testing agencies.

3. District Sports and Youth Officer BPS-17

These officers work as district level officers. Their main duty is to engage youth in different curricular, extra curricular and sports activities. They also focus on personality building on youth. Their official slogan is Education, Employment, and Entertainment (EEE). The job nature of these officer is very easy and work independently. They belong to the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of Federal and provinces.

They are selected through above-mentioned agencies.

4. Assistant Programmer BPS-17

Assistant programmer is a officer who only work in IT section. Their main duty is to monitor website, Facebook Pages, Social Media Accounts, Creation of website, maintenance in site, database maintenance etc. These works are rare and can happen once in a month. In other days they are free and perform nothing expect those work assigned by his senior.

They are recommended through above mentioned public testing agencies.

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