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For all users, has set up a platform where people can read various subjective materials without creating an account. Your personal information is kept confidential and can only be used for research and constructive modifications that are occasionally put into action.





MCQs are gathered by based on research from various sources, such as tests, interviews, articles, etc If these MCQs do not appear in your test or interview, is not liable for any form of study delays that may occur. only collects research-based materials; it cannot be certain that they will be used exactly as they were in the exam or interview.



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All assets, such as Pages, Themes, Categories, and visuals, as well as the LOGO displayed on the website, are the sole property of SabaqAsaan. No information pertaining to the categories and pages of MCQs may be shared on other platforms without prior written consent from the website’s administrators. We have the utmost respect for the content on other platforms, and we hold others to the same standard. You must submit genuine documents that attest to the legitimacy of the data you found on our platform before you may contact our staff at Your upbeat attitude will be greatly valued.


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Your IP address from which your device is linked to the internet is automatically saved on our website when you visit The same data is only used for research purposes to determine how long you spent on our site and what interests you.



This website occasionally stores visitor information in cookies in order to provide better services to visitors. By altering the browser’s settings, one can disable cookies if they have privacy concerns.


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Cookies are used by Google Inc. and all of its connected companies to display adverts that are relevant to your interests. Therefore, if an advertisement does not meet or is discovered to be contrary to your interests, the website is not liable.


Site Usage

A website called SabaqAsaan was created to share MCQs for many topics. To help you prepare for competitive examinations, these MCQs have been gathered from a variety of sources, including universities, colleges, papers, model papers, GAT tests, ISSB interviews, MDCAT papers, CSS, and PMS papers. Users of SabaqAsaan have the option to upload MCQs after they receive from you have been checked for duplicates and verified to be free of them. If a user encounters even one MCQ with an incorrect response, they can easily get in touch with us for correction by sending an email to Additionally, SabaqAsaan reserves the right to reject your MCQs if duplicates are discovered. One must have a suitable NOC signed by Chief Executive Officer of before using a site connection for commercial purposes.

If you use this site for study, you must accept the privacy statement of the site, which is noted above. 

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